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time keeper


Or say "Alexa, enable time keeper"

A stopwatch for timing the duration of things.

This skill provides a stopwatch for timing arbitrary things, using the name &quot;time keeper&quot;.<br/><br/>You just start a stopwatch, and then you can check the status of the watch, restart the watch, or stop it at any point. You can also pause and resume the watch, and it will track the running total duration.<br/><br/>In addition to the explicit commands (start, status, reset, stop, pause, resume), launching the app also acts as a shortcut for managing your watch. Launching the app with no watch will start a new watch, while launching it with a running watch will automatically return your status.<br/><br/>Past reviews have mentioned the verbosity; there is no way for me to improve this as Alexa skills must be invoked by name.<br/><br/>Apologies for the recent disruption, my hosting shut down on me while I was in the hospital. However, I've now moved to paid hosting, and added Pause/Restart!

Invocation Name

time keeper

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open time keeper
Alexa, ask time keeper to pause
Alexa, ask time keeper to resume

Release Date

October 26th 2017