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i2 energy monitor and solar diverter

Intelligent Immersion Ltd

Or say "Alexa, enable i2 energy monitor and solar diverter"

request and control the power levels of your solar generation, house and immersion heater using intelligent immersions i2

An Intelligent Immersion diverter is a small all electronic device for your home that, rather than exporting your surplus power to the grid, diverts electricity from a microgenerator such as solar PV or wind/water turbine to an immersion heater or other heating load. Using clever internal software it modulates the heater current to exactly match the house load and PV generation, thus delivering maximum power into the heater and a tiny power to the grid. It responds to changes in house demand or generation instantly so is always matching what the house is doing. <br/><br/>When you have purchased an i2 and set it up in exosite in accordance with the installation instructions you can voice control and receive information from it by adding this alexa skill to your echo device. To link your alexa account with the i2 you will need the exosite CIK see i2 instructions on how to obtain this. The skill will ask you to authenticate using this CIK. Once authenticated Alexa mimics the i2 app allowing using you to request information and control the i2 diverter. Currently you can ask for solar power, grid export, house load, available power and the i2 status ( on off auto boost and relay state). You can also ask for the cumulative values today. Commands to set the i2 to on off auto or boost are available. Full alexa command set available from our website www.intelligent-immersion.co.uk

Invocation Name

i. two

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask I Two solar power
Alexa ask I Two solar today
Alexa ask I Two status

Release Date

January 2nd 2018