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Zen Zone

Softly Solving

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Or say "Alexa, enable Zen Zone"

Enter the Zen Zone and give your day a whole new meaning

When you enter the Zen Zone you will hear a carefully selected Zen saying which will uplift and inspire you.<br/><br/>Voice commands available to you:<br/><br/>More (hear another Zen saying)<br/>Repeat (play again the saying you just listened to)<br/>Finish<br/><br/>How and why is this skill updated? Let&rsquo;s try something new, shall we? For every FIVE, 5 Star reviews this skill gets in the Alexa app, the <br/><br/>developer promises to update the skill with new sayings / features. So, by leaving a 5 star review you tell the developer it&rsquo;s worth putting more <br/><br/>time into development. Costs you nothing, and inspires further development.. easy right?

Invocation Name

zen zone

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Zen Zone
Alexa, Launch Zen Zone
Alexa, Start Zen Zone

Release Date

May 8th 2018