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Z plus smart


Or say "Alexa, enable Z plus smart"

With Zhongkong smart devices and Amazon Alexa to start smart life. You can manage and interact your smart devices through voice control.

Users need to install ZhongKong APP and complete registration. Assign a good name to each smart device and communicate with echo by device name when making a voice command.<br/>The setup steps are as followings:<br/>1. Download APP in Android or iOS APP market.<br/>2. Complete APP registration in APP.<br/>3. You need to have ZhongKong smart devices in hand.<br/>4. Configure the devices then set a suitable name.<br/>5. Open Alexa APP, Search skill&ldquo;Z plus smart&rdquo;.<br/>6. Enable the skill.<br/>7. Input APP account and password to link account.<br/>8. Search devices in Alexa APP/Smart home.<br/>9. If we set device name as &ldquo;hallway light&rdquo;, you can try saying following commands to control the device.<br/><br/>As for smart light, set the smart light name as hallway light Light APP.<br/>Lighting control:<br/>-You can turn on/off the hallway light: <br/>&ldquo;Alexa, turn on the hallway light<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, turn off the hallway light<br/>-You can change the color: <br/>&ldquo;Alexa, set the hallway light to red&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, set the hallway light to green&rdquo;<br/>-You can change the color temperature: <br/>&ldquo;Alexa, set the hallway light to warm white&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, set the hallway light to daylight&rdquo;<br/><br/>As for Weconn Plug, set the smart plug name as &quot;hallway plug&quot; Wecnn Plug APP.<br/>Plug control:<br/>-Turn on/off the smart plug<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, turn on the hallway plug<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, turn off the hallway plug

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on hallway light
Alexa, turn off hallway light
Alexa, set hallway light to 50 percent

Release Date

May 9th 2018