Or say "Alexa, enable Wozart Aura"

Alexa skill to control Wozart's Aura devices.

Aura is Wozart's home automation product line. With voice control, location-based control and OS-level integration, Aura is a future proof product range with best and most reliable security systems in place. Aura&rsquo;s minimalistic design makes installation of products easy and hassle-free. Aura products are built with a goal to enhance and simplify everyday human life while protecting the environment.<br/><br/>Instructions:<br/>After enabling the skill, login with the same Google Account that was used in the Aura Mobile Application. Now, you need to discover devices to start the integration process.<br/><br/>In the smart home section of Amazon Alexa application, you can create groups and add devices to them.<br/><br/>Example: Consider a group named &quot;Hall&quot; with devices &quot;Lamp&quot; and &quot;Light&quot;. The command &quot;Turn on Hall&quot; will turn on all the devices in the group hall.<br/><br/>Note:<br/>This skill requires you to login with the same Google Account credential used in the Aura Mobile Application to get your devices. The login credential will be used for the sole purpose of linking your account. <br/>This skill requires Wozart's hardware devices.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

"Alexa, turn on light"
"Alexa, turn off light"
"Alexa, set light to 50 percent"

Release Date

April 25th 2018