World Cup Oracle - Alexa Skill

World Cup Oracle

TorAlarm GmbH

Or say "Alexa, enable World Cup Oracle"

This skill provides you with predictions for all matches of the 2018 World Cup.

Peter the octopus will give you his predictions for all matches. Simply ask for a team that interests you to receive a final result.<br/><br/>Once the skill is opened you can ask for example:<br/><br/>&quot;Will England beat Panama?&quot;<br/><br/>Or<br/><br/>&quot;Will Germany win their next match?&quot;<br/><br/>___<br/><br/>This is a fun-application and should only be used for entertaining purposes, all predicted results are randomly generated.

Invocation Name

world cup oracle

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open World Cup Oracle.
Will England beat Panama?
Will Germany win their next match?

Release Date

April 24th 2018