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Whisper guy

Christopher Ottley

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Or say "Alexa, enable Whisper guy"

Ask for the time and Whisper Guy will tell you in a (creepy?) whisper.

Ask Whisper Guy the time and he will tell you in a (creepy?) whisper. By default he tells you UTC/GMT time, so you would have to let him know what timezone you are in using the offset command. You only need to do this once, but can change it at any time.<br/><br/>Whisper Guy also comes with two additional optional features:<br/>1) Silent Open and<br/>2) Horror Quote.<br/><br/>Silent open changes Whisper Guy's behaviour so that when you open whisper guy, there is no audio response and it waits for your input. By default this setting is off. It also removes the lead in phrase from the reply time (it is now, the time is etc.) making the response shorter. To turn 'Silent Open' on, say 'Alexa, set silent open to on'. To turn 'Silent Open' off, say 'Alexa, set silent open to off'.<br/><br/>Horror quote changes Whisper Guy's behaviour so that five seconds after Whisper Guy tells the time, he whispers a quote from a horror movie. There are three modes for horror quote. The default mode is off. When off, Whisper Guy does not include a quote from a horror movie after he whispers the time. When on, Whisper Guy always includes a random quote from a horror movie after he whispers the time. When random, Whisper Guy randomly includes a quote (50% of the time) from a horror movie after he whispers the time. To turn horror quote on, say 'Alexa, set horror quote on'. To turn horror quote off, say 'Alexa, set horror quote off'. To change horror quote to be random, say 'Alexa, set horror quote random'.<br/><br/>Below is a list of the horror quotes that Whisper Guy knows:<br/>That cold ain't the weather. That's death approaching.<br/>They're all gonna laugh at you.<br/>Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?<br/>When there is no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth.<br/>What an excellent day for an exorcism.<br/>Is that blood on your zombie?<br/>It's Alive! It's Alive!<br/>I should warn you, princess &ndash; the first time tends to get a little messy.<br/>I've seen enough horror movies to know that any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly.<br/>The dead are not quiet in Hill House.<br/>No tears please, it's a waste of good suffering.<br/>You know that part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid and everyone hates them for it? This is it.<br/>I'm your number one fan.<br/>Well, you just pissed me off.<br/>Whatever you do, don't fall asleep.<br/>Sometimes dead is better.<br/>No more dead bodies for Daddy tonight.<br/>They're here!<br/>We all go a little mad sometimes.<br/>I wanna play a game.<br/>It's been a funny sort of day, hasn't it?<br/>All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.<br/>I see dead people.<br/>Trust is a tough thing to come by these days.<br/>Meats meat, and a man's gotta eat.<br/>They won't stay dead.<br/>I warned you not to go out tonight.<br/>Humans are such easy prey.<br/>Be afraid. Be very afraid.<br/><br/>These two optional features would make it very easy to play a practical joke on someone by asking Whisper Guy the time and then either leaving the room before the horror quote is whispered or pretending not to hear the horror quote, so I take no responsibility for how you use your newfound power, but enjoy!<br/><br/>If you liked Whisper Guy, you may like one of my other apps - Flo Ramone Advisor.

Invocation Name

whisper guy

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Whisper Guy the current time
Alexa, ask Whisper Guy the time
Alexa, ask Whisper Guy to set offset minus four

Release Date

July 30th 2017