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When is My Tube

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Or say "Alexa, enable When is My Tube"

Setup up once and use every day to find when your next trains are in seconds.

It all about finding out when your next train is in as short a time as possible. Once you've set-up your home and destination stations, the next time you open the skill you hear immediately when your train is and if there are any problems with your line. If the information is available we get it from the real time overhead station displays. In more out of town stations this info is less useful and we resort to the TFL timetable in those cases.<br/><br/>When is My Tube deals with 400 London Underground and DLR stations only. <br/><br/>You can say status at any time to see if there are issues with any lines.<br/><br/>This is Version 4.0. We've listened to your comments on our earlier skill called When is my Train and made it as easy to use as we can (as well as change the name which was your biggest complaint). We are limited by the speed of TFL's APIs though so there is a delay just before it starts because its collecting the current data specific to you.<br/><br/>When you first open &quot;When is my tube&quot; you are taken through a setup where you define your home and work(usual destination) station. You can use the command setup to change the home and work stations. We've also put significant effort into processing the station names much better - so we hope it works in all cases now. But if you do find it does not work for your station name please send an email to robin@alibro.co.uk, telling us the name and we promise to improve it - we are determined to make it work for everyone.<br/><br/>Alternatively you can ask &quot;Train from Baker Street to Oval&quot; which will set the home station to Oval and work station to Baker Street.<br/><br/>Individually you can change your home station with &quot;Make my home station Baker Street&quot;.<br/><br/>Once you have defined your home and work stations you can then ask &quot;when&quot;, &quot;later&quot;, &quot;earlier&quot;, &quot;train at 14:00&quot; etc

Invocation Name

when is my tube

Interaction Examples

Alexa open When is my tube
train from Oval to Baker Street
later trains

Release Date

February 7th 2018