What's On the Radio? - Alexa Skill

What's On the Radio?

Tom Poole

Or say "Alexa, enable What's On the Radio?"

Find out what's on BBC national radio stations now and next.

Alexa's great for playing radio stations, however if you ask &quot;Alexa, what's playing?&quot; you'll usually get a generic &quot;Radio Station Name is playing&quot; response. <br/><br/>This skill allows you to ask what's playing now (and next) on the BBC national radio stations. This is most useful for stations such as Radio 4 which has a varied schedule.<br/><br/>You have quite specific with the phrasing as Alexa is somewhat biased to playing stations (as it's built in functionality). Follow the example phrases you shouldn't have any issues!<br/><br/>This skill is not affiliated with the BBC. It uses the publicly accessible schedule website to obtain the data.<br/><br/>Supported stations:<br/>- Radio 1<br/>- Radio 1 Extra<br/>- Radio 2<br/>- Radio 3<br/>- Radio 4<br/>- Radio 5 Live<br/>- Radio 6 Music

Invocation Name

what's on

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask what's on Radio Four?
Alexa, ask what's on Radio Two next?
Alexa, what's on?

Release Date

May 10th 2018