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VoicePress - Manage your blog - Studio for WP

Shubhan Chemburkar

Or say "Alexa, enable VoicePress - Manage your blog - Studio for WP"

VoicePress from Studio for WP enables you to have conversations with your blog and website using Alexa. Get Notifications, stats, and much more.

VoicePress from Studio for WP provides a unique way to interact with you blog and website powered by WordPress.<br/><br/>HOW TO USE:<br/><br/>To Get Started: Say &quot;Alexa, open Voice Press&quot;. To get your notifications, say &quot;Alexa, Ask Voice Press for my notifications&quot; or &quot;How is my blog doing today&quot; to get some stats.<br/><br/>CONNECTING YOUR BLOG<br/><br/>To get all features from VoicePress, connect your Amazon account with your WordPress.com account. If you are a self-hosted blog or website user, you need JetPack plugin installed and connected to a free WordPress.com account.<br/><br/>For linking, navigate to the &quot;Voice Press&quot; skill in your Alexa app. You should find Account Linking option in skill settings.<br/><br/>Account linking is secure and navigate to WordPress.com login page. Amazon or Voice Press or Studio for WP never get your username and password, only a connection to your blog.<br/><br/>FEEDBACK<br/><br/>CONNECT with us on our blog wp4phone.wordpress.com, our Facebook Page, tweet us @nextappsteam or email us at nextapps@outlook.com<br/><br/>Disclaimer: This is a third party app/skill and is in no way associated with WordPress, Automattic or any of their affiliates.<br/>WordPress is the official trademark of WordPress foundation.

Invocation Name

voice press

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Voice Press for my notifications
Alexa, How is my blog doing today using Voice Press
Alexa, ask Voice Press to read a post from Reader

Release Date

November 18th 2017