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The Holy Bible Book of Revelation


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Alexa recites randomly selected passages from The Holy Bible, Book of Revelation. These scriptures are the prophecies also known as The Revelation to John.

Listen to scriptures from The Holy Bible Book of Revelation. Alexa randomly selects and recites passages for both education and contemplation.<br/><br/>The text is from The Open English Bible. Each set of verses is around one to three minutes in duration. After each recital, you will be given an option to have Alexa recite another passage.<br/><br/>We respectfully request you provide a five-star review if you like this skill, and please include your comments and suggestions for improvement. Your review will help us continue to improve this skill.<br/><br/>Credits:<br/><br/>Linguistics Consultant: Lala Speights<br/><br/>Image: Depositphotos

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book of revelation

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Alexa, open book of revelation
Alexa, start book of revelation
Alexa, launch book of revelation

Release Date

May 4th 2018