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The Harrogate Bartender


Or say "Alexa, enable The Harrogate Bartender"

Learn more about The Harrogate Bartender event and party services.

Learn more about The Harrogate Bartender's event and party services. With our Alexa Skills you can learn all about our company and the event services we provide. You can also hear testimonials from past events we have catered for.<br/><br/>At The Harrogate Bartender Company we bring a level of service and style to your event.<br/><br/>We do everything possible to ensure that you and your guests have a fun filled and stress free event, be it a small cocktail party at your home, a wedding celebration or a corporate event.<br/><br/>Our team has over 20 years experience having worked around the globe, in top bars and restaurants, learning their craft. <br/><br/>They are more than mixologists they are also highly trained event organisers who will ensure your event goes off without a hitch.<br/><br/>The Harrogate Bartender Alexa Skill was created by MYiNET - Bots for any platform.

Invocation Name

the harrogate bartender

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open The Harrogate Bartender
Alexa, Start The Harrogate Bartender

Release Date

May 5th 2018