Or say "Alexa, enable Tax Guru"

Quick Tax Advice, straight from the Guru's mouth

Want to save tax? Need Business tips on new legislation like GDPR? Then this is the skill for you.<br/><br/>You can say:<br/><br/>&quot;Alexa, open tax guru&quot;<br/>&quot;How can I save tax&quot;<br/>&quot;Tell me about tax relief on cars&quot;<br/>&quot;Give me some help on GDPR&quot;<br/><br/>We are constantly updating the skill for changes in legislation and adding more great tax tips so keep checking back.<br/><br/>It&rsquo;s early days but we are building a great tax advice skill to help your small business, one day this may replace your accountant! So keep checking back for updates, our Guru has a thirst for knowledge of all things business!<br/><br/>Your positive feedback - more development of this skill. Thanks in advance!

Invocation Name

tax guru

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open the tax guru
How can I save tax
Tell me about tax relief on cars

Release Date

May 11th 2018