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TV Schedule

Jonathan Saich

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Or say "Alexa, enable TV Schedule"

TV Guide for all major UK TV channels.

TV Schedule includes your favourite channels for you to query and find our whats currently on and whats up next, including all major Freeview, Sky and Virgin channels. <br/><br/>You can query channels by saying the following examples phases:<br/>Alexa, ask t.v. schedule whats next on Channel 4+1?<br/>Alexa, ask t.v. schedule what's currently on BBC 1?<br/><br/>You will receive a response with the the channel and how long / when the programme starts or finishes.

Invocation Name

t. v. schedule

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask t. v. schedule what is currently on Sky Living
Alexa, ask t. v. schedule what is up next on BBC 2
Alexa, ask t. v. schedule what's on Channel 4+1?

Release Date

January 22nd 2018