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Super Nanny helps you find fun ideas for indoor activities to do with kids.

Super Nanny helps you find fun activities that will keep your kids busy all afternoon.<br/><br/>If you&rsquo;re running out of ideas, just ask Super Nanny! <br/>She will give you new suggestions every week, inspired by the world&rsquo;s best super-parents.<br/><br/>Super Nanny thinks it&rsquo;s important to keep the kids off the screens. That&rsquo;s why she suggests activities around sport, creativity, music, science and imagination. <br/><br/>All ideas come with an instruction card that you can view on the Alexa App for more information and tips on how to make these moments even more fun!<br/><br/>Go meet Super Nanny and let us know which activity your kids preferred in the customer review!

Invocation Name

super nanny

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open super nanny and give me a fun activity
what should we do today
can you tell me something to do with the kids

Release Date

November 4th 2017