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Study Hack

Prashant Dayal

Or say "Alexa, enable Study Hack"

Starts a guided study session for 25 minutes with time remaining feedback and background music, followed by a 5 minutes rest.

Are you procrastinating? Are you bored studying? Do you lack motivation? or just need getting things done?<br/><br/>// STUDY HACK IS HERE //<br/><br/>It's time to have some thrilling targeted study! Make it like a do-or-die task. Just follow the guidance by STUDY HACK while you study<br/><br/>Start with saying 'Alexa, open STUDY HACK'<br/><br/>You will be asked to decide the topic to study &amp; to be prepared with the books in one minute.<br/><br/>Next 2 minutes you have to glance at the summary, headings, questions etc of the material to have a bird's eye view and to know needs your attention.<br/><br/>Then you will be near a beach to study in detail :) for the next 20 minutes.Time remaining feedback will be announced every five minutes.<br/><br/>Next 2 minutes just try to recollect or have a fast re-look about what all you have studied.<br/><br/>Great! Its time to take rest for 5 minutes.. You will be notified when the rest is over!<br/><br/>Don't forget to restart another STUDY HACK..<br/>_____________________________________________________<br/><br/>Please rate the skill &amp; give your valuable feedback at

Invocation Name

study hack

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open STUDY HACK
Alexa, pause
Alexa, resume

Release Date

January 7th 2018