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Stories Blog

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Micro blogging platform where you can listen to blogs posted by anonymous users, like, comment their stories and know statistics and comments of stories

Skill for Android app developed by two enthusiastic developers<br/>Available on Amazon Store and Google Play Store<br/>Micro-blogging platform allowing users to write anonymous posts about their real life experiences, feelings and motivational thoughts<br/>Users can also post their queries on it, asking for suggestions, solutions<br/>Anonymity helps users to express their feelings honestly<br/>Launched a year ago and it has crossed 15k downloads<br/>We receive daily hundreds of posts and comments, thousands of views.<br/><br/><br/>List of supported utterances:<br/><br/>open stories blog<br/>help<br/>read next story<br/>read comments of this story<br/>read statistics of this story<br/>how many listens<br/>write comment for this story<br/>like this story<br/>read statistics of this story<br/>how many likes for this story<br/>stop

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stories blog

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Alexa, open stories blog
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Release Date

May 5th 2018