Stargate - Guess who? - Alexa Skill

Stargate - Guess who?

Marco Baldanza

Or say "Alexa, enable Stargate - Guess who?"

Stargate game - Receive clues and guess who the character is

Unofficial Stargate game for all my fellow devoted Stargate fans. After starting the game you'll receive a clue and it's your job to guess the characters name. If you don't know just say pass, or take a guess. Be quick though, because Alexa has a timeout that can't be increased :( <br/><br/>If you run out of clues it's game over. Each character has a different amount of clues to try to answer as soon as possible. You'll get more points the less clues you use.<br/><br/>Also, just say &quot;Cancel&quot; when you're done playing.<br/><br/>Good luck, have fun and hallowed are the Ori! ;)

Invocation Name

stargate guess who

Interaction Examples

Alexa, stargate guess who
Alexa, start stargate guess who

Release Date

February 10th 2018