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Or say "Alexa, enable Starfish Reports"

Ask Alexa how for Woocommerce reports, totals sales for today, best selling item last months, how many items did you sell between two dates..

Use the Starfish Reports Alexa app to ask your Amazon Echo for sales, order and performance information from your Woocommerce store.<br/><br/>Process of using this skill:<br/><br/>1. Enable Woocommerce REST Api and Generate key and secret, follow the steps below.<br/><br/> Requirements<br/> It&rsquo;s required turn on the WordPress permalinks on Settings &gt; Permalinks.<br/> Have https configured on your Woocommerce site<br/><br/> Enable REST API<br/> To enable the REST API within WooCommerce, visit the WooCommerce &gt; Settings &gt; API tab and tick the Enable REST API checkbox.<br/><br/> Generate API keys<br/> The WooCommerce REST API works on a key system to control access. These keys are linked to WordPress users on your website.<br/><br/><br/>2. Get an account on<br/><br/>3. Select Add a Website<br/><br/>4. Enter your Site URL, Key and Secret<br/><br/><br/>Here's what you can ask Alexa the Starfish reports app.<br/><br/>Sales and Orders:<br/>- Alexa, ask Starfish reports for {report type} for today<br/>- Alexa open Starfish reports. Tell me {report type} for {period}<br/>- Alexa open Starfish reports. Tell me {report type} for 22nd May<br/>- Alexa, ask Starfish reports what was {report type} between 1st January and the 31st January<br/>- Alexa open Starfish reports. What is {report type} for {period}<br/><br/>Best Selling product:<br/>- Alexa open Starfish reports. What was the best selling product today<br/>- Alexa, ask Starfish report what was my top 5 selling products for today<br/>- Alexa, ask Starfish reports what was the top 3 selling products between 5th July and the 15th July<br/>- Alexa open Starfish reports. Can I have the best sellers from 1st May and the 1st June<br/><br/>Sales Types are:<br/><br/> total_sales<br/> net_sales<br/> average_sales<br/> total_orders<br/> total_items<br/> total_tax<br/> total_shipping<br/> total_refunds<br/> total_discount<br/><br/>Periods are:<br/><br/> week<br/> month<br/> last_month<br/> year

Invocation Name

starfish reports

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Starfish Reports for total sales for today
Alexa, ask Starfish Reports what was the net sales between 1st January and 31st January
Alexa, open Starfish Reports

Release Date

October 9th 2017