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Or say "Alexa, enable SoundBox"

Use your voice to control you Netgem SoundBox to watch TV programs or to play on demand content, to go to a channel or to launch an on-demand application.

Once you enable this skill and link it to your SoundBox, you can use it to control your SoundBox by asking to play on-demand content, to watch TV programmes or to show the Programme guide, and more. You can also use your voice to switch Bluetooth on or off.<br/><br/>Try saying &quot;Alexa, ask SoundBox to play Grand Tour&quot;, &quot;Alexa, ask SoundBox to start watching Eastenders&quot; or &quot;Alexa, ask SoundBox to go to BBC One&quot;.<br/><br/>Ask &quot;Alexa, tell SoundBox to turn Bluetooth on&quot; or &quot;Alexa, tell SoundBox to set audio to TV&quot;.<br/><br/>To link the skill to your SoundBox, use the SoundBox remote to press MENU, go to &quot;SETTINGS&quot; menu (to the left), select &quot;ALL SETTINGS&quot; menu, then &quot;VOICE CONTROL&quot; and follow the instructions on TV.<br/>(v1.0.0)

Invocation Name

sound box

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask SoundBox to play Grand Tour
Alexa, ask SoundBox to start watching Homes Under the Hammer
Alexa, ask SoundBox to turn bluetooth on

Release Date

April 17th 2018