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Sleep and Relaxation Sounds

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Or say "Alexa, enable Sleep and Relaxation Sounds"

Sleep Sounds plays ambient sounds to help you sleep peacefully or to block out unwanted noise at work or home.

Sleep Sounds lets you play ambient sounds to help you sleep peacefully or block out unwanted noise at work or home. With over 50 high quality sounds to choose from, you'll be able to sleep better, stay focused, study without interruption, relax quickly, meditate more effectively, and get your baby to go to sleep faster! If there's a sound you'd like to see added, just e-mail us at<br/><br/>HOW TO USE:<br/><br/>To Get Started: Say &quot;Alexa open Sleep Sounds&quot;. Then, to play a sound say &quot;Play Thunderstorm&quot; or &quot;Play Rain&quot;. To get a list of sounds, say &quot;List Sounds&quot;. To have Sleep Sounds pick a random sound for you, say &quot;Play Random&quot;.<br/><br/>When a sound is playing, you can say &quot;Alexa Next&quot; or Alexa Previous&quot; to play the next or previous sound. <br/><br/>To start a sound directly (when Sleep Sounds is already playing a sound -OR- when Sleep Sounds is not started ): Say &quot;Alexa, tell Sleep Sounds to play Thunderstorm&quot;. Replace 'Thunderstorm' with any supported sound name.<br/><br/>By default, the sounds will loop automatically and play until you say &quot;Alexa, Stop&quot;. To limit the time that the sound will play, first play the sound using one of the above methods and then say &quot;Alexa, set a sleep timer for 2 hours&quot; or whatever time limit you would like. <br/><br/>NEW FEATURES: <br/><br/>Now Featuring Sleep Stories! We've taken some of our best sleep sounds and added a short story to the beginning These sleep-inducing stories will help you relax and calm your mind before drifting off into a deep sleep. The sounds will continue after the story to help keep you asleep longer.<br/><br/>NOW WITH OVER 50 HIGH QUALITY SOUNDS!!<br/><br/>FREE SOUNDS<br/><br/>Heartbeat, Ocean, Rain, Relax, Babbling Brook, Thunderstorm, White Noise, Rainforest, Fireplace, Wind, Music Box, Forest Birds, Airplane, Train Ride, Oscillating Fan, Grandfather Clock, City Sounds, Crickets, Frogs, Vacuum, Beautiful Dream, Brown Noise, City Rain, Heavy Rain, Jungle Night, Mountain Lake, Sleep Little Babies, Small Lake, Swiss Massage, Wind Chimes, Underwater, Box Fan, Rain On Tin Roof, Forest Night, Distant Thunder, Waterfall, Distant Train, Cat Purring, Car Ride, Fountain, Cicadas, Coqui Frogs, Native American Flute, Whales, Rain on Tent, Pink Noise, Campfire, Ocean Villa (Sleep Story)<br/><br/>FEEDBACK AND SUPPORT:<br/><br/>Visit us on the web at for helpful tips, samples of all the sounds, and more!<br/><br/>We hope you'll love Sleep Sounds and give us a 5-star rating. If you feel that Sleep Sounds deserves less than a 5-star rating, please let us know at and we'll do everything in our power to make it better.<br/><br/>We'd love to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please e-mail us at

Invocation Name

sleep sounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Sleep Sounds
Alexa ask Sleep Sounds to play Thunderstorm
Alexa ask Sleep Sounds to play Rain

Release Date

March 1st 2017