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Serbian radio

Marina Bjegovic

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Or say "Alexa, enable Serbian radio"

Serbian radio stations

Radio player with radio stations from Serbia.<br/>Now you can listen your favorite radio stations from Serbia on one place.<br/>If you want to start listening, just ask &quot;Alexa, start Serbian radio&quot;. You can switch to a next station simply by saying &quot;Alexa, next&quot;.<br/>If you want to play specific radio station, <br/>for example Radio AS FM, just ask &quot;Alexa, tell Serbian radio to play Radio AS FM&quot;. <br/>All radio stations have numbers, so you can ask to play a radio station on number 4, for example &quot;Alexa, tell Serbian radio to play number 4&quot;.<br/>In each moment you can get a full list of radio stations, by simply saying &quot;Alexa, ask Serbian radio to list stations&quot;.<br/>For any suggestions you can write to our developer on:<br/>

Invocation Name

serbian radio

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Serbian radio
Alexa, tell Serbian radio to play number 4
Alexa, ask Serbian radio to list stations

Release Date

February 6th 2018