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A.I. driven personalisation of Science Stories for you

Science Elf works for you to find science stories which he thinks are relevant to your interests.<br/><br/>You need to enable the skill in the Alexa app and then you can optionally change the Science topics which most interest you. Even if you don't change the weightings of the topics there, Science Elf will learn what interests you be seeing which stories you actually read (read corresponds to stories sent to your phone or PC).<br/><br/>We take a different view to the voice user experience. We believe users should have as few choices as possible and will perform personalisation through machine learning (Elf has a second artificial brain). In this way you are given stories one at a time. You can interrupt Elf talking by saying &quot;Alexa, next story&quot; if its clear its not relevant. If you &quot;add to basket&quot; the story is kept so it can later be sent to your phone. Then use &quot;send basket&quot; to send the basket to your phone.<br/><br/>The system uses RSS feeds from BBC, Nature, New Science and Science Daily. Each story is attributed to each publisher. The full story at the publishers url can be read on your phone if you add stories to basket and send to your phone. Note that New Scientist does not show much of the story unless you are a subscriber, so we may remove this at some stage - we look forward to you comments on this issue.<br/><br/>Science Elf also has a search mode which turns off Elf's artificial brain and enables search on a single topic or a content source. So if you say &quot;search for stories about A.I.&quot;, Elf will only consider stories about that single topic (A.I. in this case). Alternatively you can search a single content source, eg &quot;search for stories from the BBC&quot;. It will continue providing those stories when you say &quot;next story&quot;. To switch back to Elf's Artificial brain and all topics weighted according to your usage, say, &quot;Make elf clever&quot;.

Invocation Name

science elf

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Science Elf
next story
add to basket

Release Date

May 14th 2018