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Scarlett Johansson Facts

Digital Pratik

Or say "Alexa, enable Scarlett Johansson Facts"

Scarlett Johansson Facts

With this handy skill your Scarlett Johansson Facts are never far away. You can now fully operate your very own Scarlett Johansson Facts right from your Alexa device.<br/><br/>Simply open the skill by saying: &ldquo;Alexa, ask Scarlett Johansson Facts&rdquo; and make your selection from there. It&rsquo;s bigger on the inside!<br/><br/>HOW AND WHY IS THIS SKILL UPDATED?<br/><br/>Lets try something awesome, shall we? For every FIVE, 5 Star reviews this skill gets in the Alexa app, the developer, Digital Pratik, promises to update the skill with new Scarlett Johansson Facts. So, by leaving a 5 star review you tell the developer it's worth putting more time into development. Costs you nothing, and inspires further development.. easy right?<br/><br/>Example: The skill currently (as of writing this) has zero 5 star reviews in the Alexa app, when it gets FIVE more 5 star review, the skill will then get an upgrade. Simple, done. <br/><br/>That way you can easily do your part to help improve, and continue development of this Scarlett Johansson Facts skill.. cool, right?<br/><br/>Your positive feedback = more development of this Scarlett Johansson Facts skill. Thanks in advance!

Invocation Name

scarlett johansson facts

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Scarlett Johansson Facts

Release Date

January 3rd 2018