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Revolutionary Calendar


Or say "Alexa, enable Revolutionary Calendar"

Ask Alexa to convert dates using the French revolutionary calendar!

The revolutionary calendar was used at the time of the French revolution from 1782 to 1806, as well as in 1871. This fun and educational skill allows you to:<br/>&#9679; ask for the date of the day.<br/>&#9679; ask for any date in the past or in the future.<br/>The response will contain a translated revolutionary date, an object symbolising that day and a card inside the Alexa app! Give Revolutionary Calendar a try and bring out the &quot;sans-culotte&quot; inside you!<br/><br/>This skill is free, without ads and open-source. Support the project by leaving a review or starring its GitHub repository (!

Invocation Name

revolutionary calendar

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Revolutionary Calendar
Alexa, ask Revolutionary Calendar for today's date
Alexa, ask Revolutionary Calendar to convert the 5th of March 2018

Release Date

April 19th 2018