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Read My Tweets

Or say "Alexa, enable Read My Tweets"

Reads the last 3 tweets of Prime Minister Theresa May. (Or, you can update your preferences and follow someone else. You can follow up to 3 people.)

When you say &quot;Alexa, read my tweets&quot;, she will read the latest three tweets of Prime Minister Theresa May. The Tweets are refreshed every 2 hours.<br/><br/>The default Twitter address used is @theresa_may.<br/><br/>You can follow other people by sending us your top three choices. To do this, you need a secret key. Follow these simple instructions:<br/>1.Get your secret key by saying, <br/> a. &quot;Alexa, ask read my tweets, for my secret code&quot;, or <br/> b. &quot;Alexa, ask read my tweets, to give my secret key&quot;, or <br/> c. &quot;Alexa, ask read my tweets to help with setup&quot;<br/>2.Then go to &quot;;<br/>3.Fill out the form and click on the &quot;Update My Preferences&quot; button<br/>4.Your Preferences will be updated right away and if the Twitter addresses are valid, you will hear them in 2 hours.<br/><br/>Thanks for using our Skills. Don't forget to give us a 5 star review. This will go a long way for us to support these free skills.

Invocation Name

read my tweets

Interaction Examples

Alexa, read my tweets
Alexa, play read my tweets
Alexa, ask read my tweets for my secret code

Release Date

May 8th 2018