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Random Gift Generator

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Or say "Alexa, enable Random Gift Generator"

Random Gift Generator is a skill that gives you gift ideas for all ages, with over 100 gifts in its database, this is the skill to help you.

This skill was created to help you with gift ideas, it has weird gift ideas for the person that you need a gift idea for, it also has normal gift ideas as well, but normal is boring.<br/><br/>Ask the skill to give you a random gift idea and see what it can come up with, this skill uses a database and a random number generator to pull back a gift idea for you, if it repeats a previous gift just ask it agin.<br/><br/>It has over a hundred gift ideas for all ages, and can help you if you are stuck for ideas.<br/><br/>Here is the full list of Utterances you can ask:<br/><br/>random gift<br/>gift<br/>give me a random gift<br/>give me a gift idea<br/>gift idea<br/>what can i get as a gift<br/>generate me a gift<br/>give me a gift<br/>get me a random gift<br/>generate a random gift<br/>i need to buy a gift

Invocation Name

gift generator

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open gift generator
Alexa, open gift generator and give me a gift idea
give me a random gift

Release Date

December 15th 2017