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The 28 day quit smoking program that provides daily support for people who are trying to give up smoking.

Quit smoking provides tailored daily support messages for all those people who are trying to give up smoking. <br/><br/>It will initially ask you to provide your name and the number of cigarettes you smoke a day. <br/> <br/>You will then be welcomed and asked whether you want to join the quit program. <br/><br/>The quit program is a 28 day course that has been designed by smokers who do not smoke. <br/><br/>The program is based on using willpower to beat your smoking addiction by focusing on the benefits of giving up and tackling the addiction one day at a time. <br/><br/>You will be asked to visit the skill every day to hear advice that is appropriate to how many days you have stopped smoking and perhaps to be told how much cash you have saved. <br/><br/>When you visit you will be asked if you have smoked that day!<br/><br/>You can visit multiple times a day and also ask for more support. The 'more support' messages are based on some real life situations faced by smokers who have stopped!<br/><br/>The quit program provides the option to reset the data if you wish to start again and also to add up to five smoke free days to the counts if you have to miss days for any reason. <br/><br/>We hope that it will provide some help to smokers who are trying to give up. It is not easy and there really is no magic way except by never lighting up again. <br/><br/>Please leave any feedback and especially let us know when you have successfully completed the course!

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quit smoking

Interaction Examples

Alexa open quit smoking
My name is Peter 40 a day

Release Date

May 14th 2018