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Ashish Jha

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Precisely is a platform which helps you discover the latest academic and professional opportunities, personalized for you!

Precisely intuitively learns your interests and brings you a personalized feed of the latest jobs, internships, scholarships, conferences, competitions, fellowships and much more - all in one place and in multiple languages! Our AI-powered platform matches your interests with the opportunities like international internships, conferences, fellowships, conferences and scholarships to separate the music out of the noise.<br/><br/>&#9673; Latest opportunities are sourced from various sources to make sure you get the best <br/>&#9673; Browse through a bite-sized summary of each opportunity like an internship, scholarship or job to get updated in a second. Simply say next to listen to the next opportunity<br/>&#9673; Listen to all the details of the opportunity in the Alexa Skill<br/>&#9673; Save opportunities for later<br/>&#9673; Link Precisely Alexa Skill to Precisely Android Application for a more seamless experience<br/><br/>Currently, we offer opportunities for scholarships, internships, and fellowships and more in 15 languages! And we assure you that no matter what region or country you belong to, you will soon be able to see opportunities your language! Just comment your language and you will be surprised to see how lightning quick we are!<br/><br/>The scholarships, internships, jobs, conferences and more on our platform are manually curated and handpicked from tens of thousands out there.<br/><br/>To add to it, you can also read in-depth details of the scholarships and other opportunities like eligibility, requirements, funding, location etc.<br/><br/>Unlike other applications and websites, we do not just cater to only one region, rather, we offer national and international opportunities for the youth across the world in Central Asia, South and South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Oceanic region!<br/><br/>If you encounter a problem while using Precisely or would like to suggest improvements to make Precisely better, please write to us at If you love Precisely (we are quite sure you do), please do rate and review us on the Amazon Alexa Skills Store. It helps people find us, makes us feel smug and improves our self-efficacy.<br/><br/>Precisely is owned and operated by Wayne Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Invocation Name

precise lee

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open precise lee
tell me my opportunities
tell me my saved opportunities

Release Date

May 11th 2018