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Places of interest

Robert Bruchhardt

Or say "Alexa, enable Places of interest"

Ask for places of interest to visit/eat/drink/see/... in different cities

Ever wondered of what to do/eat/drink/see/... in your next travel destination? With places of interest you can easily ask for recommendations. For example, Alexa, ask places of interest about what to see in Detroit will tell you the top things to see in Detroit along with further Details in your Alexa app. To do so, places of interest utilizes the Google Places API to come up with its results. Just enable the skill and start asking for recommendations!

Invocation Name

places of interest

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask places of interest about what to eat in London
Alexa, ask places of interest for places to drink in Manchester
Alexa, open places of interest

Release Date

January 16th 2018