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Oscar Picks


Or say "Alexa, enable Oscar Picks"

Oscar fever begins! Pick the best film, lead actress, lead actor and from other popular categories and see what others think in real time.

And the winner is... Pick your winner for best film, lead actress, cinematography et al from the<br/>Oscar 2018 nominees.<br/>Hear others choice in real time as you vote.<br/>You can change your vote any number of times until the 3rd of March.<br/>There are several categories to choose from.<br/>Have some fun!<br/><br/>Alexa, ask Oscar Picks for best picture nominees<br/>Alexa, ask Oscar Picks for best actor<br/>Alexa, ask Oscar picks for categories<br/>Alexa, ask Oscar Picks for help<br/> <br/>Or<br/><br/>Alexa, Open Oscar Picks<br/>then:<br/> Alexa, list categories<br/> Alexa, help<br/> Alexa, best picture nominees<br/> Alexa, stop<br/>To hear the nomination list again, say Alexa repeat.<br/><br/>Note: This is a not an official Skill from Oscar or its partners or associates.

Invocation Name

oscar picks

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask Oscar Picks for Best Actor nominees
Alexa, Open Oscar Picks
Alexa, Start Oscar Picks

Release Date

January 28th 2018