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The MEATER skill for Alexa lets you check on your MEATER cooks with just your voice

MEATER is the world's first wireless smart meat thermometer. Insert a MEATER probe in your meat or fish while cooking, and MEATER will keep you up to date on the status of your cook, and alert you when your food is ready for perfect results, every time.<br/><br/>Find out more at<br/> <br/>The MEATER skill for Alexa lets you check on your MEATER cooks with just your voice. Ask Alexa for the current status of all your in-progress cooks, find out how much longer cooking is likely to take, or simply get the current internal temperature of your meat, in Celsius or Fahrenheit.<br/><br/>IMPORTANT<br/>Using the MEATER skill for Alexa requires at least one MEATER probe or MEATER Block, available from Setting up a cook with MEATER requires an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and the free MEATER app. The MEATER skill for Alexa also requires a free MEATER cloud account - sign up for one in the MEATER app for iOS or Android. You will need to be signed into MEATER Cloud, with an available internet connection, to track your cooks with the MEATER skill for Alexa. After you add this skill, be sure to link your MEATER Cloud account by tapping on 'Link Account' in the Alexa app and signing into MEATER Cloud.

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask MEATER to check on my cooks.
How long does my lamb need?
What is the temperature of my chicken?

Release Date

November 30th 2017