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Don't know what to cook? KptnCook gives you 3 quick and easy recipes everyday and accompanies you through all the steps to make your foodie dreams come true!

Discover easy, quick &amp; healthy recipes in under 30 minutes. With beautiful pictures, an integrated shopping list, and step-by-step photo instructions everyone can manage these dishes. <br/><br/>KptnCook locates your nearest supermarket, tells you which products are needed for the recipes and how much it will cost. Alexa knows the nutritional value, recipe author, cooking time and everything else you need to know to stay on top of your diet.<br/><br/>Let&rsquo;s make cooking fun again! KptnCook has recipes for everyone and Alexa helps you master them like a real foodie.<br/><br/>Getting started is really simple:<br/>ask Alexa about KptnCook&rsquo;s daily recipes<br/>choose a recipe<br/>tell Alexa how many servings you want to prepare<br/>KptnCook sends the detailed shopping list to your Alexa app<br/>start KptnCook&rsquo;s cooking mode and follow the steps!<br/><br/>You own an Echo Amazon Show? Even better! This way you can also access our step-by-step pictures while preparing your meal.<br/><br/>Got any Feedback? Send an email to<br/><br/>Let&rsquo;s get cooking with KptnCook!

Invocation Name

captain cook

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask KptnCook about the daily recipes
Alexa, ask KptnCook what I should cook today
Alexa, open KptnCook

Release Date

February 27th 2018