KlikAanKlikUit - Alexa Skill


Trust International

Or say "Alexa, enable KlikAanKlikUit"

Control your Trust Smart Home devices with Alexa.

Experience the benefits of voice control by powering your smart lights and manipulating their color and brightness &ndash; without even opening an app. With Trust Smart Home integration, Alexa can also open and close blinds, control wireless switches and dimmers, as well as trigger scenes that you define in the Trust Smart Home app. Alexa uses the Trust cloud to communicate with your Trust Smart Home control station and carry out your commands.<br/><br/>To use this skill, you will need one of the following Trust Smart Home control stations:<br/>&bull; Octopus Internet Control Station ICS-2000<br/>&bull; ZigBee Control Station Z1<br/><br/>To get started, and for more information on compatibility, please view our customer guide https://trustsmartcloud2.com/alexa/en/.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights please
Alexa, set the couch light to violet please
Alexa, turn on Movie Time please

Release Date

February 7th 2018