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Indian Railways Enquiry


Or say "Alexa, enable Indian Railways Enquiry"

Indian Railways Enquiry Skill for checking journey details of your loved ones travelling in India

&quot;Indian Railways Enquiry&quot; Skill helps you in checking the status of Indian trains for your Loved ones travelling in India.<br/>It is very accurate and fast way of checking the status of the Indian trains. <br/>check whether the seats are confirmed or not.<br/>check the seat number and berth details.<br/>check the departure date and time between the two junctions.<br/>Coming Soon : <br/>1 Get information on Train arrival status on different stations<br/>2 Train Coach position

Invocation Name

indian railways

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open indian railways
Alexa, ask indian railways to check my pnr status
Alexa, ask indian railways to help

Release Date

April 4th 2018