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Hygiene Ratings


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Or say "Alexa, enable Hygiene Ratings"

Check hygiene ratings of local businesses through the Alexa. The skill allows the user to finely configure and find ratings easily.

The skill finds hygiene ratings of local food and drinks businesses within a 1-mile range, allowing the user to specify different ratings and types of businesses to search for.<br/><br/>Types of Businesses that can be used:<br/>Takeaways,Sandwich Shops,<br/>Restaurants,Cafes, Canteens,Pubs, Bars,Nightclubs,<br/>Other catering premises,<br/>Mobile caterers,Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts,<br/>Guest Houses<br/><br/>Rating are not necessary but range between 1-5, whereby 5 is the best hygiene rating.

Invocation Name

hygiene ratings

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Hygiene Ratings, find hygiene ratings for Bars near me
Find hygiene ratings for Sandwich Shops near me
Find hygiene ratings for Cafes near me that has a 5 star rating

Release Date

December 6th 2017