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How Kind Am I


Or say "Alexa, enable How Kind Am I"

'How Kind Am I' is a skill that tests your kindness. After answering some questions, Alexa will determine how kind you are.

Although this skill is based on psychological questions, to try to be as accurate as possible, this is NOT an accurate representation of your kindness. This is merely for fun.<br/><br/>Alexa will first ask you how kind you think you are, on a 1 to 10 scale. After that, she will begin to ask you questions to test your generosity. At the end she will tell you your &quot;real&quot; kindness.<br/><br/>You should answer each question with either a &quot;Yes&quot;, &quot;No&quot;, or &quot;Sometimes&quot;.<br/><br/>If you enjoyed this skill please rate it 5 stars, it would really help out!<br/><br/>Also, try my other skill called 'My Days Left' to determine how healthy you are, and to see how many days you have left.<br/><br/>~<br/><br/>Enjoy the present moment :)

Invocation Name

how kind am i

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start how kind am I
Alexa, how kind am I?

Release Date

February 8th 2018