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Full details of previous and upcoming UK Horse Races, including statistical information for informed betting.

Horsecode gives full race lineups and results for all UK horse races. Results are available as soon as they are confirmed!<br/><br/>For each race, Horsecode will tell you about the horses, jockeys and relevant statistics, with more information available via the Alexa App. Previous horse form is available on request, giving you pertinent information to help you decide on your winner!<br/><br/>If you need help knowing what to ask, or just feel like some company, shout HELP! and Horsecode will give you example phrases (with full information on each request available in the Alexa App).<br/><br/>To find out which races are on, ask &quot;Where are there races today/tomorrow?&quot;, followed by &quot;When are the races on at Lingfield?&quot; (if you're interested in Lingfield that is). <br/><br/>To find out which horses are racing, just ask &quot;What's happening in the 3:30 at Lingfield?&quot;. You can then ask for more details about a horse in this race by asking &quot;Tell me about horse 2&quot; (the 2 is the card number assigned to the horse in this race). <br/><br/>For results, ask &quot;What are the results of the 5:15 at Chepstow?&quot;.<br/><br/>If you want Alexa to stop listing race lineup/results information because you've got the information you want, or that really good song comes on the radio (you know, the one that goes &quot;If I had you, doop ee doop a duh duh&quot;) just say &quot;Alexa stop&quot;. You can then continue with your interrogation. <br/><br/>Don't forget! When you ask a question, further information will be sent to your Alexa App... So keep an eye on it!<br/><br/>We hope you enjoy Horsecode and find it useful. We've got a few ideas ourselves for cool new features to add that will be coming soon, but we'd love to hear any ideas you'd like to see added! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. You can contact us at<br/><br/>If you got this far, thanks for reading, but you know there are free books available for Kindle? Some of them are really quite good...

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horse code

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Horsecode
What races are on today?
What happened in the 2:20 at Lingfield?

Release Date

December 20th 2017