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You can now control your Hive devices with Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Welcome to Hive - Optimised for Smart Home. This skill will enable you to ask Alexa to control your connected Hive devices. New! You can now use your Echo and Amazon Alexa to control your Colour Changing Hive Active Light™. Using the Hive skill, you'll be able to use your voice to turn them on, off, and dim and brighten them! With the Hive Smart Home Skill and Alexa, you can now interact with your Hive Active Heating™, Hive Active Light™, Hive Active Plug™ by voice. To get started, select the ‘Enable Skill’ button in this screen. Then you need to link your Hive account and discover your device(s). Find more information about connecting Smart Home devices at Here’s a handy list of commands you can use with Alexa and Hive to control your home: Hive Active Heating™ (Using the name of your thermostat found during device discovery. The below examples the thermostat is named 'heating') Alexa, set my heating to 20 degrees Alexa, increase the heating Alexa, decrease the heating Hive Active Light™ Alexa, turn on my light Alexa, turn off my light Alexa, brighten my light Alexa, dim my light Hive Active Plug™ Alexa, turn my plug on Alexa, turn my plug off When using the skill, you need to specify by name which device to use. There are two ways to control devices. * Use the name you set up already – these are shown in the manage device section of your Hive app and can be changed there too. * Create an Alexa group, such as Bedroom or Downstairs, and add the device(s) or sensor(s) to the group. More information is available at To access more advanced functionality and features, ensure you enable the custom Hive skill. This is called 'Hive Complete'. You can find this by searching “hive” in the skill store. If you have any questions, please visit your dedicated Hive Alexa page at Be sure to give us your feedback on what you want to see next from Hive on the dedicated Alexa Hive web page above. In order you use Alexa and Hive you’ll need: Hive account with your username and password Hive Hub One or more of the following Hive devices: Hive Active Heating™, Hive Active Light™, Hive Active Plug™ Alexa is compatible with Hive1 and Hive2 thermostats. Not compatible with British Gas Remote Heating Control.

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September 28th 2016