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Help Me Sleep: The 15 Minute Insomnia Cure

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Or say "Alexa, enable Help Me Sleep: The 15 Minute Insomnia Cure"

A 15 minute, audio Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise with soothing backing music for sleep and relaxation. Most people fall asleep before it's over.

Need to be asleep in 15 minutes? Lie down and let a calm, soothing voice walk you into sleep using the proven Progressive Muscle Relaxation method, with soft backing music, designed to quiet both body and mind. Most people don't make it all the way through this fifteen minute recording before they're fast asleep, but you can try it when you're wide awake anytime you need a full body relaxation. Once you've learned and practiced the method you can use it anywhere at any time, even when Alexa's not available. Your brain is the jerk that's keeping you awake, so why not put it to work getting you to sleep?

Invocation Name

help me sleep

Interaction Examples

Alexa, help me sleep
Alexa, open help me sleep
Alexa, launch help me sleep

Release Date

October 26th 2017