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Guesstimate Game

Rob Chilcott

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Or say "Alexa, enable Guesstimate Game"

In this game of number knowledge, can you get the closest answer?

Welcome to Guesstimate Game! A sequel to the original hit Alexa game, Nearest Number, Guesstimate Game is still about answering number-based trivia but adds so much more.<br/><br/>Remember, to playthe game say &quot;Alexa, start Guesstimate Game&quot;... and enjoy:<br/><br/>- Up to four players, each with novelty player names provided by your host<br/><br/>- Solo mode! Exact answers are rewarded with big points, but you also score for getting close!<br/><br/>- Play standard (five question) or long (ten question) games!<br/><br/>- New question categories: Estimate, Calculate and Years (both living memory and historical)<br/><br/>- Advanced AI-powered, interactive audience sounds! *<br/><br/>- Fewer errors in understanding player interactions (you know how frustrating it can be when Alexa mishears you!)<br/><br/>- Awful puns, Dad jokes, witty remarks and sometimes genuinely interesting facts - like a joke skill, fact skill and trivia skill rolled into one :)<br/><br/>- All new musical cues with snatches of the Guesstimate Game Theme throughout, composed by the developer<br/><br/>* NB: audience is not really AI-powered, and not really advanced. But it does add to the fun!<br/><br/>-- PLAYING TIPS --<br/><br/>- In multiplayer, wait until you hear your (host-assigned) name before giving your answer<br/><br/>- Your host expects you to answer with numbers / years - but don't worry, you'll be prompted if she doesn't hear what she needs<br/><br/>- Missed a question? You can ask your host to repeat it<br/><br/>- Keep coming back for more - everything from your host's range of responses, to how the crowd reacts, will change from time to time!<br/><br/><br/>Thank you for playing Guesstimate Game. If you enjoy it, tell your friends! And please leave a nice review on the Skill Store - it really helps :) If you find any bugs or have any issues playing, in the first instance you can e-mal the developer directly at To keep up to date with all my Alexa skill updates and releases, check out<br/><br/>Cheerio!

Invocation Name

guesstimate game

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Guesstimate Game
Alexa, open Guesstimate Game
Alexa, play Guesstimate Game

Release Date

February 10th 2018