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Golden Girls Trivia

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Or say "Alexa, enable Golden Girls Trivia"

From cheesecake to the Cheese Man, test your knowledge of all things Golden Girls.

Hey, Dorothy... it's me, Stan! Are you ready to test your knowledge of all things Golden Girls? From Miami to St. Olaf; from Sicily to Shady Pines &mdash; Golden Girls Trivia has you covered!<br/><br/>&#8729; The perfect family-friendly trivia game for all fans of The Golden Girls.<br/>&#8729; Over 70 questions with new questions added weekly!<br/>&#8729; Grab a slice of cheesecake and head out to the lanai &mdash; Golden Girls Trivia awaits!<br/><br/>Thank you for being a friend!

Invocation Name

golden girls trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Golden Girls Trivia to start.
Alexa, ask Golden Girls Trivia for help.

Release Date

May 2nd 2018