Control G-homa's device On or Off.

The G-Homa APP for iOS or Android is required to connect your G-Homa products (currently only socket products are compatible with Alexa). After adding the G-Homa products to your G-Homa account when you are a new user, existing G-Homa users use their existing account, you can open Amazon Alexa APP, search for „G-Homa“, enable the G-Homa skill and link to your G-Homa account. Search for new Smart Home devices. Now you will be able to find the G-Homa products in the "Smart Home" page and you are ready to control the G-Homa products via Alexa.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on desk lamp
Alexa, turn off desk lamp

Release Date

December 25th 2017