Fuse Assistant - Alexa Skill

Fuse Assistant

Baron Bloomer

Or say "Alexa, enable Fuse Assistant"

Use Alexa to interact to the Fuse Platform!

Connect to the Fuse platform and have your notifications read to you by Alexa!<br/><br/>NOTE* This skill requires account linking with your Fuse account<br/><br/>** How to link your Fuse account with this skill **<br/>1. Open the Fuse Assistant skill from the 'Skills' side menu option from within the Alexa app on your mobile device paired to your Alexa device.<br/>2. From the Fuse Assistant skill page, you will see the option 'Account Linking', click on this button.<br/>3. In the web page that opens, click 'Login' from the web page menu/navbar options.<br/>4. Login to your Fuse account using your credentials.<br/>5. If successful, you will be redirected to a page stating the account linking was successful. You can now close this web page.<br/>6. You have successfully setup Fuse Assistant, and you can use the app to it's full extent!<br/><br/>** Usage **<br/>At any time during the operation of the skill you can ask 'Alexa, help' for a full description of how you can use this skill. Please also refer to the Example Phrases section of this skill.

Invocation Name

fuse assistant

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Fuse Assistant
Alexa ask Fuse Assistant for my notifications

Release Date

February 12th 2018