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EverPad - Unofficial EverNote Client


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Or say "Alexa, enable EverPad - Unofficial EverNote Client"

EverPad is an unofficial EverNote client which lets you save your notes in your EverNote notebooks.

EverPad lets you save your thoughts, ideas and notes to your EverNote account.<br/>Link your EverNote account to start saving your notes in your notebooks. Don't miss another great idea :)<br/>If you mention a notebook which Alexa can't find or doesn't have access to then Alexa will save your note in your default notebook.<br/>If you don't mention any notebook at all Alexa will automatically save your notes to default notebook.<br/>* Use word &quot;note&quot; before your actual note content for better results.<br/><br/>Sample Dialog:<br/>You: Alexa, ask ever pad to note HELLO WORLD in MY NOTEBOOK.<br/>Alexa: You want to save HELLO WORLD in MY NOTEBOOK, is it correct?<br/>You: Yes.<br/>Alexa: I've saved the note in MY NOTEBOOK.

Invocation Name

ever pad

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Ever Pad to note Hello World
Alexa, ask Ever Pad to note Hello World in My Notebook
Alexa, open Ever Pad

Release Date

February 7th 2018