EV Car is an Alexa skill for communicating with your connected car (currently only Tesla). You can use an Amazon Echo to monitor and issue commands to your car.

This skill allows you to get information about your connected electric car. Currently only Tesla cars are supported.<br/>You can get charge status, location &amp; climate status. You can also control your car - flash lights, honk, start/stop charging and start/stop climate system.<br/>To get started, enable the skill and go the Alexa app when prompted. Enter the Tesla account email/password to link your account with your car. <br/>Your Tesla account information is only used for generating a token. If you already have a token, you can enter that directly (instead of providing email/password).<br/>For your privacy, these details are not stored anywhere.<br/><br/>Here's a list of commands:<br/>get charge status<br/>get car status<br/>get climate status<br/>get location<br/>set driver temperature to 72<br/>set passenger side to 73<br/>start charging<br/>stop charging<br/>honk the horn<br/>flash lights<br/>turn climate on<br/>warm up my car<br/>cool my car<br/>turn climate off<br/>stop climate<br/>stop heating<br/>stop cooling<br/>how warm is my car<br/>how cold is my car<br/>dude where's my car<br/>where's my car<br/>get ready to take off<br/>go into hyperdrive<br/>how far can I drive<br/>how far can I go<br/>whats your name<br/>switch cars<br/>set charge limit to 85 percent<br/>start charging to 90 percent<br/><br/>User discussion forum: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/ev-car-an-alexa-skill-for-amazon-echo-tesla-integration.85031/

Invocation Name

e. v. car

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask EV car how far can I drive
Alexa, ask EV car where's my car
Alexa, tell EV Car to start the A.C.

Release Date

January 24th 2017