EE TV - Alexa Skill



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You can ask EE TV about programme information, find out what's on TV tonight or on a specific channel.

I can tell you about programme information and I can help you find out what's on Freeview channels.<br/>Once you obtain programme information, you can ask to record first, record second or record third.<br/>You must first link EE TV skill to your EE TV set-top box. Do do so, open the Alexa app on your phone or laptop and make sure you are connected on the same home network as your EE TV set-top box to allow the Alexa app to discover your set-top box.<br/>(v1.0.0)

Invocation Name

e. e. t. v.

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask EE TV What's on tonight?
Alexa, ask EE TV what's on BBC one?
Alexa, ask EE TV what's on Sunday?

Release Date

August 17th 2017