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This app will locate common domain sellers and domain name catchers, which are often hard to locate. <br/><br/>You can say &quot;Alexa, Ask Domain Sellers Who is Steven Morley&quot; or the name of the domain name registrant or name of a nominet tag holder. <br/><br/>You can follow this up by saying &quot;Tell me more&quot;.<br/><br/>You can also follow up by asking for specific information such as<br/><br/>&quot;Tell me his Twitter&quot;<br/><br/>or<br/><br/>&quot;Tell me his Nominet Tag&quot;<br/><br/>or <br/><br/>&quot;Tell me his twitter&quot;<br/><br/>or <br/><br/>&quot;Tell me his Acorn Username&quot; (Acorn Domains).<br/><br/>or <br/><br/>Tell me his Website Address&quot;.<br/><br/>If its a woman, substitute his for her.<br/><br/>if the information is available it will be spoken, otherwise given an unavailable response.<br/><br/>More of the common names you will encounter will be added soon.

Invocation Name

domain sellers

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Domain Sellers
Alexa, Ask Domain Sellers, Who is Steven Morley
Tell me his Acorn Username

Release Date

August 17th 2017