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Dingle tides


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Dingle tide and sea temperature

Daily from Dingle harbour, this Flash briefing skill will broadcast the current sea temperature in &deg;C and tide times.<br/><br/>To hear the Dingle sea temp and tides in your Flash briefing:<br/>1 Enable the skill<br/>2 Press 'Settings' then press 'Manage flash briefings'<br/>3 Toggle the skill 'Dingle sea temp' to hear Sea temperature for Dingle harbour<br/>4 Toggle the skill 'Dingle tides' to hear tide times for Dingle harbour<br/><br/>About Dingle:<br/>Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland is the most western harbour town in Europe located on the southwestern part of Irelands' Wild Atlantic Way.<br/>http://www.dingle-peninsula.ie/

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February 11th 2018