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Desk Workout

Priyankar Kumar

Or say "Alexa, enable Desk Workout"

Indulge in a quick physical activity during your study or work breaks. Also log your activity! Stay healthy, stay productive!

We live increasingly sedentary lifestyles which are very unhealthy. If you are some one who needs to be at their desk for long periods of time, this skill is for you!<br/><br/>Alexa will suggest a quick physical activity for you to do. You can try the activity as she narrates it. She will then ask you if you want to do the activity. If you respond in the positive, she will log your activity automatically and you can proceed to do the physical activity.<br/><br/>If you respond in the negative, she will go on to suggest another activity.<br/><br/>If you have questions, suggestions or some of your own favorite desk activities, please write to the developer at !<br/><br/>Stay healthy, stay productive!

Invocation Name

desk workout

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open desk workout
suggest a workout
Alexa, ask desk workout, to tell me my logs

Release Date

April 28th 2018